Accounting services for companies
(accounting outsourcing)

Accounting outsourcing is not just a fashionable trend, but a reasonable demand of today. Providing high-quality financial statements is one of the most important responsibilities of company executives and individual entrepreneurs. However, the search for a confident and "yours" accountant may be delayed for many months, or even years, and still not be crowned with success. The solution to this issue is just accounting outsourcing.

Cost reduction

Accounting outsourcing leads to a reduction in the company's expenses by 20-50% due to the absence of expenses for office equipment, transportation, stationery, maintenance costs for staff, staff training, payment of benefits and many others.

Space saving

Separate cabinets and workplaces are not required.

Continuity and regularity of work

Experts work on solving problems without vacations and benefits, but they are always ready for business trips and work in a short time.

No risk

No risk of misstatement of statements and incorrect reflection of transactions in accounting. We have all the responsibility for accounting.

Expert knowledge

10 years of experience and only a professional team consisting of financiers of various specializations who are ready to help in solving difficult problems.

Improving the professional level of staff

The experience of the client's full-time specialists is enriched by working with highly qualified financiers of the company who successfully accompanied more than one project and have the necessary skills.

Loyal pricing policy

Our company does not try to “rob” a client, but always offers a real price for a real product, without any extra charges.

The cost of a package of services of accounting outsourcing includes:

  • Registration of primary documents, maintenance of accounting;
  • Payroll calculation, preparation and submission of reports;
  • Personalized accounting;
  • Other types of accounting services;

up to 50% salary tax savings

Service Packages

Accounting services can be provided in part

Specialists of the company "Vinnik and Partners" take over the management splitted:

- accounting unit for wages and payroll taxes

- banking operations, etc.

Full accounting services

Vinnik & Partners specialists fully take over the accounting functions of your company from processing all the necessary documents, keeping records until preparing financial statements.

Standard Service

The service includes the maintenance of standard accounting and reporting on the basis of source documents provided by the staff specialist responsible for the preparation of preliminary documentation.


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